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For the love of CrossFit

I opened a CrossFit gym on a hope and prayer back in 2016. Here we are over a half of a decade later and I can say, unequivocally, it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. Our name is South Tampa CrossFit, otherwise known as STC, not surprisingly because we are located in South Tampa.

Our values are entrenched in Staying the Course which is also our slogan. It is essentially the pursuit of a difficult task, a reminder to keep going strongly until the end. It’s who we are, what we want, how we were built and what we hope to instill in our members. Our logo is a compass and our colors are that of a sunset on fire in the sky. It’s all very nautical. Hence the name of this blog.

I have been doing CrossFit for the better part of my adult life. It's no longer something that I do, but very much a part of who I am. The positive impacts of this chosen lifestyle have touched not only a myriad of facets within my own life, but the life's of those people closest to me. My children have grown up in my gym. Eating healthy and working to be strong is heavily engrained in their DNA. My husband has also become an avid CrossFitter. Likewise, my mom knows the proper form of a deadlift and the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. My best friend has grown immensely in her last 2 years of doing CrossFit. Her children also get to watch their mom prioritizing her health and breaking the boundaries of what it means to be a strong mama.

I've watched CrossFit transform through the years and at no other time have I been as excited as I am now. Where initially CrossFit was thought to be for the fit people, its continuing to become universally recognized as the methodology of choice for anyone and everyone that wants to improve their health. CrossFit is in the game of longevity, diabetes reversal and strength at every stage of life. CrossFit is a vast and attainable fountain of youth. 


about STC

We are a CrossFit gym located in South Tampa. We specialize in teaching new athletes the foundations of CrossFit. We pride ourselves on quality coaching and professionalism. We care about our members deeply and strive to impart a lifelong love of health and fitness in all of the people that we have the pleasure of servicing in, and out, of our community. We set ourselves apart by not only the aforementioned values, but also by the emphasis that we put on providing a high-end boutique gym environment. We offer childcare, air conditioning for reprieve for Tampa's stifling summers, showers and an immersive sound experience to name a few. 

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